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Westinghouse Reviews

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  • don't buy these products!

    Don%u2019t touch a Westinghouse Product! Their TV broke in less than a year with minimal use at a vacation house. Their %u201Ccustomer service%u201D is awful. They outsource everything to the Philippines eliminating US jobs. Over a static phone line with ,thick accents you are asked to send tons of photos, receipts, other excessive documentation, pay for postage $75 and a $40 box to ship all costing more time and money than the original TV and then they tell you they can%u2019t help you unless you pay a ton more money even though TV is under warranty. George Westinghouse who founded this... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    badforUSA's Picture   badforUSA    0 Comments   Comments
  • westinghouse digital tv

    Have a westinghouse tv which has been problematic shortly after purchase.The Tv Refuses to turn on.been told it has to reboot which usually takes hours to do. Very dissatisfied with this product. Tried to call westinghouse call was routed to a center that could care less about my call. On hold 15 minutes then hung up on. SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY AVOID THIS COMPANY in the future,that is my moto. More...
    (Cable TV)
    Bing's Picture   Bing    0 Comments   Comments
  • Westinghouse flat screen tv issue

    My mother was in an assisted living facility and I bought her a Westinghouse flat screen TV the day after Thanksgiving, to be given to her as a Christmas gift. So the TV wasn't even used until almost January. Immediately we started getting 'fuzzy' reception, which we assumed was the cable carrier. Numerous visits and calls with them were not able to identify the issue as their connection. Finally called in a television expert who said there was a connection INSIDE the TV that is very small and soldered in, that evidently had not been well attached, hence the fuzzy screen... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    riverrat's Picture   riverrat    1 Comments   Comments
  • They downright scammed me

    I sent in my TV according to their RMA instructions to an address in Georgia (clear across the country from Colorado). They claimed my TV arrived broken (they even sent me a picture of a broken screen)and told me to file a claim with the carrier, which I did. Once the carrier finally got a hold of the TV (2 1/2 months later) lo and behold there was NO DAMAGE to the TV. The carrier told me they have spoken to many customers of Westinghouse and this is a scam the are running. I think all of us scammed customer should get together in a class action More...
    zhiba's Picture   zhiba    0 Comments   Comments
  • Westinghouse 50" flat screen tv

    Bought a 50 in tv on black Friday of 2012. The TV went up 3 months later. had it replaced and that one also went up 5 months later. They sent the 3rd one and it was damaged in shipping. So they sent another one and it also went up in 3 months. I have been waiting for a total of 7 weeks now for this one to be replaced by a different model. They are trying to say they don't have other models in stock. The keep telling me the supervisor will call me back and never does. I will never ever buy any westinghouse products again. They have the worse customer service I have ever experienced.... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    cruise13's Picture   cruise13    0 Comments   Comments
  • Westinghouse has my TV

    I sent a broken TV to Westinghouse using the RMA they provided. The TV was under warranty. That was last year in October. They said they would replace it. I've not heard anything in three months. When I call to ask the status, I'm told the department I need to talk to is busy and someone will call me back. No one has ever returned my call. I've called at least twelve times. I've also sent several e-mails. All have gone unanswered. This is the worst customer service I've ever had to deal with, bar none! Not only have I been without my TV for three months, no one will... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    P51Pilot's Picture   P51Pilot    2 Comments   Comments
  • Westinhouse 46 inch tv

    Bought a 46 inch westinghouse tv from walmart did not last 6 months now i have to pay 150.00 to ship it back because it went out this is Bull Crap and your product sucks quit ripping people off and your call center is a joke tooke 3 days before i could get a answer about the warranty which by the way is a Joke too you legaly rip people off and it is Bull Crap......... More...
    (Cable TV)
    lilmslady71's Picture   lilmslady71    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worstinghouse Fail TV - Never Buy one

    I bought a 40" Westinghouse TV from Target on May 7, 2013. On July 12, 2013, it simply stopped working. Can not get it to turn on at all Have called Westinghouse support 17 times now. Most time they say 'We will leave a message and they will call you back in 24 hours. Of course they never do, so I call again, and again, and again, etc. They actually called back once and told me I needed to send them a copy of a receipt and they would handle it immediately. I told them I would send them a receipt at 5 pm pacific time that same day, and he promised he would still be there and... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
  • 46" Westinghouse TV

    I bought a Westinghouse TV from Best Buy just over one year ago and it completely quit working about 2 weeks ago. We went to turn it on and NOTHING, no power will turn onto the TV at all. I've done everything to test it and there is no power. The basically brand new TV is just over one year old and they will not replace it or fix it! I will NEVER again buy a Westinghouse product and I have not decided yet if I should even try to buy a new TV through Best Buy. I think; why would they carry a brand that is unreliable and basically wastes their customer's hard earned money?... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    summer2003's Picture   summer2003    0 Comments   Comments
  • 1.5 year old TV broken already

    We actually bought a Westinghouse at Best Buy because it's a US company and, believe it or not, my grandfather was once an engineer for them, so it seemed like a good business to support. We should have read the reviews of their TVs first, because it seems like our problem is a pretty common one, and a 1 year warranty doesn't mean much when the TVs all break conveniently shortly after the warranty is up. Our 32 inch flat screen's picture started flickering on and off for about 2 weeks before just disappearing completely for long stretches of time. If you turn the TV off and... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    kengh's Picture   kengh    5 Comments   Comments
  • Westinghouse LED TV 46 inch

    Brought a TV from Westinghouse and it stop working 4 months after I brought it (August 2012), so I sent them the television back and there customer service reps was not knowledge about when I should receive a repaired or new TV., Westinghouse is unfocused and very disorganized. I am still waiting for them to send me a refund. My husband continually been talking to the supervisor of their refund department and the supervisor has been lying about the dates they are going to send out the check, %u201Chis exact quotes to my husband was, %u201C the batch of checks that our checks are in keep... More...
    Audrey1111's Picture   Audrey1111    0 Comments   Comments
  • Westinghouse Digital 46" LED TV broken

    I bought the TV in January 2012. Five months later the TV died so I returned the TV to the repair center. Contacted the repair center in October to see the status of repair was told that the 46" sets were on back order. So I was offered smaller TV(s). I declined and asked for a refund. Sent proof of purchase on October 25th was told that I should be receiving my refund check between December 14-28. Called on December 27th asked to speak to a supervisor and found out the customer rep I spoke didn't submit my proof of purchase until in December. I asked why was that, no... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    Jonnieblaze's Picture   Jonnieblaze    0 Comments   Comments
  • Westinghouse bad business and products

    We bought a 46" Westinghouse LCD TV on Black Friday 2011 from Target. Back in October 2012 the TV stand cracked and the TV fell of the floor causing a crack in the frame of the TV. i called target and they would not give us a replacement because it was past 90 days, they said we need to contact the manufacturer .I sent in pictures to Westinghouse and they sent me an RMA and a FEDEX label to send the TV back to them for a replacement. It has been 3 months since i sent in the TV and i have not heard anything. I have made 3 phone calls and every time they say someone will call me back in... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    clynnsackett's Picture   clynnsackett    1 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible all around!

    I bought my tv online through walmart, its a 47" and the price was too good to pass up. The tv worked great for the time i had it, and then one day, it just died. No power, no picture, no lights, nothing. The initial call i made went smooth, and had a case # given to me. Luckily the tv died exactly 1 year from the day i purchased it, so my warranty was still valid! After that it became a nightmare. Instead of offering to send me a replacement tv, i had to package the tv up and send it FEDEX to be repaired. If you haven't done this before, packaging a 47" tv is not easy at... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    sammylo723's Picture   sammylo723    0 Comments   Comments
  • Broken Television

    I sent a television back to Westinghouse for warranty repair. Per Westinghouse, the tv should have been returned to me several weeks ago. Not only has it not been returned but any attempt to contact them has been futile, including on-line requests. So, in essence, they sold me a defective television and have ignored all requests for an update on repair. I have also gone back to the store from where I purchased it but they have told me is in now between me and Westinghouse. More...
    (Repair Services)
    DFitts's Picture   DFitts    0 Comments   Comments
  • Licensee performance

    Here are two reviews of the 3-outlet foot tapper sold by one of your licensees (NCC). One very good, but no comment on durability. The other, very bad with a very clear comment on durability 4.0 out of 5 stars Does what it should The foot tapper extension cord is a great little item. It has a light so you know if it is "on" or "off". This is helpful for me since it controls a lamp that sometimes gets turned off at the lamp switch instead of by the foot switch. Published 18 months ago by Gunther %u203A See more 5 star, 4 star reviews 1.0 out of 5 stars Crappy cord... More...
    rlforbes's Picture   rlforbes    0 Comments   Comments
  • TV that failed

    in January 2012, I purchased a Westinghouse 46" HDTV. In July, 2012, the TV failed and would not turn on. I contacted Westinghouse warranty service. I was provided with a Fed Ex shipping label and told to send it back. The e-mail stated that it would take 7 to 10 business days to repair or make decision to replace the set and 3 to 5 days to ship it back to me. Since I hadn't saved the original box, I had to pay $85.00 to have it securely boxed up for shipping. On business day 18, I called technical support/warranty and was told that they would have to check with the repair... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
  • Westinghouse- Buyer be ware

    We bought a Westinghouse LED 47" TV and thought we had gotten a great deal. 6 months later the picture went out so we contacted customer service/warranty department. We were told that the parts were not available and that our tv was on backorder. 30 days later I called back to find out that it was still on back order and that they had NO televisions to replace it with( No call back to notify me of this issue either). They advised us that they were willing to give us a full refund for our purchase as long as we provide them with the original sales receipt. I had to ship the tv back to... More...
    ELKolb's Picture   ELKolb    3 Comments   Comments
  • bad customer service

    I bought a 46 inch westinghouse tv black Friday of 2011. When I assembled the tv, I found the original mount provided with the tv was assembled wrong, leaving my tv at an angle, making it very unstable, as it kept falling from my entertainment center. After bringing it back to the store, I was told I could not return it due to the condition it was now in (opened and fully assembled) and had to go the Westinghouse customer support route so they could send me a correctly assembled mount. I sent an initial email describing the condition of the mount, what I thought was wrong with it,... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    beefyg18's Picture   beefyg18    0 Comments   Comments
  • Technical Support

    I bought a new Westinghouse TV, LD-425 Series. Worked fine for about a day and then the remote didn't work. I tried other remotes from the same model TV but this TV would not respond in any way. It couldn't turn the TV on or off and when you turned the TV on from the TV panel the remote just would not respond. What really frustrates me is you can't get any support from Westinghouse, it seems that they are hiding somewhere here on earth but you just can't get a hold of them. All you can get are other Internet site who what money to answer questions or solve your problem.... More...
    (Repair Services)
    112john's Picture   112john    2 Comments   Comments

    Bought the 32" TV from Costco a little over 1 year ago. After the Costco warranty expired, OF COURSE the thing completely stopped working. After calling Westinghouse to figure out what could be done, I learned that I needed to ship this giant TV all the way to TEXAS! (I am in MD - and was told I was responsible for all packing and shipping). After they determined my TV could not be fixed, they sent a new model - but continued to call and harass me for to send back the old tv - which I had already done a month prior. I have been in constant contact to see if I could get my $100 back for... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    jesisweetie's Picture   jesisweetie    1 Comments   Comments
  • horibble customer service

    I have a 26" westinghouse lcd tv. its about 11months old. recently the tv just stopped working. it would turn on for a split second and shut off. afetr reading some of these reviews it doesnt seem like im the only person with this problem. i called westinghouse customer service and got nothing but attitude from all of the service representitives that i spoke with (which was proably about ten or so different people) i told them my issue with the tv and they were very unwilling to help me out because the tv was technically "out of manufactures warranty". when i realized i was... More...
    (Cable TV)
    shoule90's Picture   shoule90    1 Comments   Comments

Westinghouse Reviews By Product

Westinghouse Comments

yvettecga says: (4 years ago)
I purchased a 39" Westinghouse tv November 2012 and byApril 2013 it would shut off after 30mins. I called customer service several times, but no call back. We only watch TV on the weekends so for a month's worth of tv we would have been better off getting cable and sticking to our trusty old Panasonic. I also noticed that the cord does not seem to be the original cord. I would purchase one myself but no luck getting customer service on the line. ):

nena52 says: (4 years ago)
We bought a Westinghouse TV about 5 yrs ago.We now see lines across the TV and you can see the words Buyers Guide imprinted on the top of the screen. Very annoying, from the complaints i just read it seems as if my TV will not last much longer. have tried to call Costumer Service, but the phone is busy. GO FIGURE.Soultion anyone.

gmam680 says: (9 years ago)
I bought a westinghouse lcm 22 inch monitor model lcm22w2 in on april 2, 2009 on june 10, 2009 it would not power up..called westinghouse digital repair, after a long wait got a BS answer regarding my unit, next day called back, faxed info requesting rma etc...then 2 days after this all started called 4 times on hold 10 minutes each then went to voice mail "this mail box is full" and disconnect. found blog on line about someone who worked for the original call center and westinghouse supposedly owes $250,000 new center set up may 21 and apparently we are all wall jobs...taking my monitor to local repair service to see if i can save it...DON'T BUY WESTINGHOUSE DIGITAL ANYTHING...product does not hold up and they do not honor their written warranty, they do not have local service centers in my entire state (KY) but they do in montana..sheep must be big westinghouse users.

Faithstudio says: (9 years ago)
I brought a 27in LCD TV and had to send it back twice for the same issue. The picture color contrast goes out and now its been over a month and when i call Westinghouse the only answer i keep getting is don't have ans answer on you set yet don't know what the hold up is and they won't let me speak to a supervisor or higer. This is product has issues and the company needs to address thes issues and answer these complaints A.S.A.P

vikigal says: (10 years ago)
I, too, jumped through hoops for Westinghouse customer service. I bought a similar product, a 19 in. monitor, that died within the warranty period. I received my RMA, gathered up the paperwork required, paid for shipping it back and received nothing. The monitor has been in Westinghouse posession for almost two months now and I can find out nothing.
I have never encountered any thing like what Westinghouse calls customer service in my long lifetime. They really do take it to another level.
Nothing will ever induce me to buy a westinghouse product ever again.

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